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The rise of the gambling industry in Ireland

The online gambling industry is growing all over the world. It has already become well-established in England, Scotland, Wales - and even the US is starting to legalise it more. Ireland is one of these countries that is starting to embrace the online gambling culture even more than ever.

People are now heading over to sites such as and looking for trusted, properly licensed and regulated casino sites. It's these casino sites that offer lots of games, plenty of generous bonuses and the best user experience.

Without further ado, Let's take a deeper look at how the online casino culture is rising in the Emerald Isle.

The History of Casino in Ireland

Historically, the Irish people have been partial to a bit of gambling action Their normal preference, however, would be sports betting (and in particular, betting on horse racing). It’s been reported that the Irish gambling sector has generated no less than €100 million. Because it’s such a profitable industry now, the Minister of State, David Stanton, has developed an independent regulatory body to oversee the industry. This regulatory body operates under the Department of Justice.

This regulatory body focuses mainly on the offline and online licensing and regulation of any and all gambling activities. These activities include things such as sports betting, playing at online casinos and playing in land based casinos.

The country’s gambling laws originally date back to the early 20th century. In 1926, the Betting Act became the first related legislation to be passed and implemented by Ireland. Following on from this, there have been numerous other gambling laws that have since been introduced and enacted. However, despite this, the Irish government has only really begun to focus on growing the online gaming industry more significantly since 2015.

The Gambling Regulations in Ireland

Technically, land-based gambling in casinos is actually illegal in Ireland. Because of the introduction of the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act, the public is not allowed to use any physical land-based institutions in Ireland. However, this is a country that likes gambling. So, gambling operators in the country have found a loop-hole that involves members clubs. This means that they are able to offer casino services as members of private clubs - as these are technically allowed by the government.

As such, at this point, there are now 14 ‘clubs’ that are working in this way throughout Ireland. These clubs are located in Dublin, Cork and County Limerick. Although these generally work on a small-scale, those who visit can enjoy games such as blackjack, roulette, poker games, sports betting and various other games of chance. Although these aren’t underlined as being illegal, they have to make sure that they stick to the gambling laws as set by the Irish Revenue Commissioners in order to be able to continue functioning.

In order to operate, they need to obtain the proper licence for all casino and gambling games on their premises, including poker games and slot machines. If you want to gamble at any of these clubs, then you will need to be over 18 years of age (the legal age of gambling) and become a member of the club.

The Irish Gambling Industry Today

As this article is published, the online side of gambling in Ireland isn't yet fully established. This makes it difficult to know exactly what we might expect from the Irish gambling industry in the future. We do know that they are making certain moves to push against rogue casino sites and frauds, like many other countries.

The legislation around online casinos and gambling are still in the implementation process. The Irish government recently accepted responsibility to modernise the nation’s gambling regulations which could see a big overhaul to them.

What the outcome of these overhauls is unknown, but a recent survey has shown that almost half of Ireland’s population enjoys some form of gambling. This has pushed lots of attention onto the current 1856 Gaming and Lotteries Act and its further amendments.

The future of Irish Gambling

Though it has always been a popular pastime in the country, Ireland is starting to embrace gambling more. Bringing legislation more inline with current times will hopefully see Irish punters easier access to gambling outlets - without the need to join clubs etc.

The future will hopefully see easier access to regulated, licensed and safe online casinos with trusted payment methods such as Skrill and Paypal as well as a more accepting view of gambling - something that over half of the nation enjoys to do in their downtime!

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